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Permeable Driveway Options

A permeable driveway is a driveway that will let water drain naturally down through it with surface and the drain away safely through the foundation. This type of driveway is general required for SUDS regulations (Sustainable Drainage System) and to avoid the need for planning permission.

When it comes to permeable driveway, we provide various options to help you choose the style and finish of your driveway. These options include permeable block paving, permeable Tegula paving and gravel/shingle driveways. Using permeable paving means you can have the same patterns as standard paving as shown here.

Here we will highlight the types and benefits of choosing one style a permeable driveway over the other. Regardless of the finished surface the base preparation is generally the same. Let’s first look at how permeable driveways work and what the base requirements are.

Permeable driveway functions by letting the surface water drain away back to its natural environment. The method by which this is done is called attenuation. The surface water is collected by the driveway and held in storage as its release back through the base and then back out into its own environment.

One of the biggest differences with the base installations is not just the depth but also the finished base the sub base material should have no fines in it this means you cannot use type 1 MOT and you should be using type 4 MOT hardcore. This type of foundation is significantly coarser and will allow the water to penetrate faster.

In effect if you think of your base and imagine it like a porous sponge. It will soak up the water and gradually releases back into environment over a period of time.

There is effectively three layers that will be applied during installation of a permeable driveway, top layer will be your laying course which is generally a grit stone instead of river washed sand. The next layer underneath this will be your permeable sub base which would be Type 4 MOT or similar to allow the water to drain down fast.

The next layer will be your base layer which will be very coarse and will have gravel mixed through it. This will allow the water to enter this area very fast and store it to allow a slow release back.

Now do we know what type of base installation will require we can look at what the finished surface will be. You have the option of block paving finish using permeable paving or you can opt for a gravel finish.


Permeable Block Paving Installers

Permeable paving is very similar to having a standard block paved driveway. The biggest difference between the types of block paving is the edging which is designed to allow a bigger space between the gaps which is then filled with a grit instead of kiln dried sand. You can learn about laying block paving here.

The finished style and design can be whatever you choose as permeable paving like standard paving can be laid in a variety of styles colours and patterns. Once you have built your base correctly the water on your driveway should drain away very fast.


Permeable Gravel Driveway Installation Service

Opting for a gravel driveway or as is commonly known shingle, is also a very common style for a natural driveway. You have as with any gravel driveway the choice of using plastic stabilisers which help to keep the gravel in place otherwise we recommend a solid border or edging curb around driveway to hold it in place. You can read more about driveway kerbing here.

You can choose to combine permeable block paving with gravel creating a block paved apron as an entrance or a paving inset at your door or on the driveway. The two options are the best choices available on the market for a completely sustainable drainage system for your driveway.

You also have the choice of using Aco drains which when piped correctly can take away water to a designated area like a soak pit or drainage system. This type of system is commonly used in standard driveways or patios.

You would like to know more about a permeable driveway options or would like to discuss getting a new driver installed, we would love to hear from you. Visit for more details.