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Kerbing Installations

We provide a range of kerbing options for your driveway. These options are designed to not only retain your driveway but also to function as decorative and to add style to any driveway area.

We have options ranging from standard brick on edge to concrete edging kerbs, block paving curbs and natural stone edging. Below, we will highlight some of the various styles available so you can see which type of edging might suit your driveway.

Concrete Edging Kerb

Concrete edging kerbs are one of the most common type of kerbing available. They are available generally just the one colour, that being grey. They’re available in various sizes depending whether you wish it to finish flush with your driveway.

Concrete edging kerbs are available with a sloped edge, a rounded edge, or a flat top edging. Generally, we always use flat top edging kerbs as a divide at the front of the driveway from the local pavement.

Brick on Edge

A brick on edge, is commonly used as a small retaining line for driveways against lawn areas and flower beds. A brick on edge is a block paving brick, laid on its side and bench the concrete. The benefit to using this is that you can use a matching colour to the driveway if you are opting for block paving. Find out more about our block paving in Leighton Buzzard here.

Block Paving Kerbs

block paving kerbs, are available in two different sizes generally. KL kerb which is a large kerb and a Ks kerb which is a small kerb. They are available in multiple colours with the two most common being brindle and charcoal.

Block paving kerbs are available as a rounded kerb and a slanted kerb. They are also available in a matching style to cobblestone and Tegula Paving.

Natural Stone Kerbing

Natural stone kerbing is generally made from hewn stone and squared off. You can also use cobblestone as a natural stone kerb provided it has the depth to allow benching in concrete. With natural stone you are limited with the option of colours however you are guaranteed that whatever colour you pick, that colour will remain throughout its entire lifespan.

All our kerbing is installed to industry standards, providing both function and appeal to any driveway. To read more about our paving options including custom bespoke steps and block paving laying patterns, visit our paving services. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and if you require more information or would like to discuss your driveway in Leighton Buzzard, we would love to hear from you. Find out more at