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Carport, a Quality Protection for Your Car

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for one household to have multiple cars. But in many cases, only one garage was planned during the construction of the house, and the older family houses were not equipped at all. Subsequently, it happens very often that one of the cars is parked in the garden or in the backyard. That’s certainly reasonable, your car is safe from potential thieves and vandals. If you don’t have your car parked in the garage, it’s also exposed to other threats. However, the acquisition of a new garage is often time-consuming and financially demanding, so the carport becomes a more acceptable option. If you want to provide some protection for your car, but don’t want to invest in building an expensive garage, carport is the right solution for you.

Why choose carports?

Carports is cheap and, with good selection, a very elegant way to provide your car with a coverage and give it more protection. Thanks to the roofing, you protect it from hail, summer storm or pile of snow. The carport will provide more protection for your car overall and thus increase its service life. This will save not only your precious time, but in some cases more than that. With the carport over your car, you can say goodbye to a rather banal affair – no more pollution from the birds on your bonnet. However, this issue only hurts the car aesthetically, whereas possible hail, piles of snow, or broken branches can cause major difficulties. Another advantage of carport compared to the garage is certainly the price, which is much lower and of course will it can be built much faster than the garage. Another advantage can be found in that the car is still outside, so you do not expose it to temperature changes between the cold outdoor weather and the heated garage.


1. Roof minimizes risks

Pollution can only mean an unpleasant delay on the way to work before you remove it, any damage from falling branches or hail that a whimsy autumn brings with it can cost you a lot of money. Not to mention the oil that you’ll have to scrape out of the windows every morning. Roof also protects the car from unwanted UV radiation. If you want a professionally looking roof on your carport, we recommend that you hire a specialized roofing contractor such as TC Roofers in Dublin.


2. It is both aesthetic and useful

Car shelters can even meet other features and make their appearance and size easy to customize to your needs. The offer includes both popular garage parking with one-sided roof slope (counter top) and symmetrically divided (saddle roof), for one or two cars. So it’s up to you what you like.

At the same time, it can also include a handy tool shed, in which you can store, for example, tires, so that they are at hand for the upcoming season, or for example tools and garden equipment. It is also possible to order a screen or gutters – feel free to reach out to the manufacturer with individual requirements.


3. Garage parking made of solid wood is practical

Of course, the life span of solid material products is much longer than for products made of poor quality or cheap materials. If you order an impregnation or paint with glaze, you will be taken care of for many years and thanks to this care, your car will serve you longer.

Building Authority – When and How

Building a carport usually doesn’t require a building permit, however you should always check with your local authorities if that applies to your project as well.


To read more information about carports, check this guide.